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2-Letter Words

Many word games do not give words with two letters the attention they deserve. A two-letter scramble puzzle is not much of a challenge. However, both Scrabble and Words with Friends allow moves with only two letters. These short words can come in handy later in the game as you try to score those last few points.

2 letter words

The WordFinderX Guide to 2-Letter Words

Knowing some 2 letter words with difficult consonants like XI, QI and OX can also help you clear your rack. These unusual words will increase your score because they incorporate a high-value letter. Although most players focus on the longest words possible, serious Scrabble players know the strategic value of words with two letters.

The Most Popular Two-Letter Words

Two-Letter Prepositions

TO, BY, OF, ON, IN, AT. These short words are not worth much in Scrabble, but they show up in all sorts of sentences.

Two-Letter Pronouns

IT, US, HE, WE. These short words serve as both subjects and objects.

Two-Letter Verbs

BE, DO. These words are the basic building blocks of storytelling.

Two-Letter Conjunctions

SO, IF, AS, OR. These common short words introduce and connect phrases and clauses.

Commonly Asked Questions

How many two letter words are there?

The combinations that yield two letter words are limited. The OCTWL contains 107 officially recognized Scrabble words. While many of these words are instantly recognizable to English speakers, others are less common. Most players will know the meaning of OX or AX, but not everyone will recognize ZA as an abbreviation for pizza.
There are also some variations in word lists. The Collins Scrabble word list includes 127 words with two letters. The official Words with Friends list has only 105.

What are the most common words with two letters?

The most common 2 letter words are the ones you encounter in daily speech. It is difficult to form an English sentence without throwing in an IT, IS or AN. Unfortunately, the words that you recognize easily have some of the lowest values. IT, IS, IN and AN will only earn you two points. IF and BE are a little better at five points each. If you are looking for a more obscure word, our Word Finder tool will give you a list of two-letter possibilities that you can make with the letters in your rack.

Are there two-letter C words in Scrabble?

In the 107 officially recognized Scrabble words of the TWL, there are no words with two letters that include the letter C. The Collins Scrabble dictionary used for play in some countries includes CH as an abbreviation for chain.
Some other letters have a small number of two-letter words associated with them. There is only one word with a Q. QI is associated with the central life force in Chinese philosophy. The letter V is also a rarity. Words with Friends includes it in VU, an abbreviation for volume unit.

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