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Learning English can be tricky, but with the right tools to guide you, not only can it be easy, but it can also help you on your journey to success and opportunity. We're going to cover a plethora of activities, resources and grammar games designed for ESL learners at all levels. Discover how visual aids, word puzzles, and online resources can transform learning English from a chore into a delightful challenge. 

Making ESL Activities & Grammar Games Fun & Interactive

Making ESL activities and grammar games fun and interactive is a game-changer for language learners. It transforms learning from a mundane task into an engaging experience, significantly enhancing retention and motivation. Here are the top reasons why making learning fun works;

  • Games create a fun, stress-free environment that motivates learners.
  • By offering a playful and less pressured atmosphere, fun helps reduce stress and frustration.
  • Games sharpen students' observational skills, aiding in quicker language comprehension.
  • Activities and games can be tailored for cooperative play among English learners at various proficiency levels.
  • More enjoyment and fun through tasks boosts attention and motivation.
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Let’s Explore ESL Activities, Resources, & Grammar Games

So, now that we know why ESL activities, games, and resources should be fun, let's explore some of the best out there for improving English and getting better results.

ESL Lesson Resources & Ideas

Online Whiteboard

A digital interactive whiteboard greatly enhances the teaching experience online. Jamboard, a no-cost virtual whiteboard, supports real-time collaborative efforts and is adaptable for various educational activities.



Skribbl can play a crucial role in keeping students engaged. This free, fun multiplayer drawing and guessing game acts as a dynamic break that can re-energize students during lessons.



Google Slides is perfect for creating engaging grammar presentations and lessons. This tool allows for a broad range of instructional designs, from assigning slides as homework or in-class activities.



Dive into a world of language learning with ELLLO, a unique platform dedicated to enhancing English proficiency through an extensive collection of audio and video lessons. 


Team-based ESL Learning Activities


The Categories Game on ESL Games challenges vocabulary and quick thinking by challenging learners to list words within specific categories. It's an engaging way to learn new words and reinforces language structures.


Four Corners

Four Corners is a dynamic speaking exercise that promotes active group engagement and decision-making. Participants move to a corner of the room based on their preferences or opinions about given topics, fostering discussions and debates.



Balderdash is an inventive game that challenges ESL learners to create believable definitions for obscure words, enhancing their creativity and vocabulary. Players then guess the correct definition among the fake ones; it's tons of fun!



Handstack is a group activity where ESL learners build sentences by adding one word at a time, while physically stacking their fists on top of each other. It encourages collaboration, quick thinking, and sentence structure comprehension. It can also be a competitive game if you want!

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ESL Board & Card Games

Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity is a card game that blends humor with wordplay, offering a fun platform for ESL learners to practice English in a social setting. By creating sentences from the cards drawn, players engage in witty and creative use of English, enhancing their comprehension skills.



Dixit is a storytelling board game that enriches ESL learners' language skills through imagination and interpretation. Players describe a card in their hand, drawing on the colors, shapes and emotions rather than its definitive meaning; others guess which card they chose based on the story.



Uno is a classic card game that can be surprisingly effective for ESL learners. Players match cards by color or number and use special action cards to change the game rules, encouraging quick English communication and vocabulary related to colors, numbers, and simple commands.



Bananagrams is a dynamic game that engages players in creating interconnected word grids from individual letter tiles. With no fixed structure, players adapt their grids as new letters are drawn. It can be complicated for younger learners, but intermediate ESL learners can benefit from critical thinking and spelling practice.


ESL Grammar Games

Interactive Plurals Quiz

This quiz offers a fun way for students to practice singular, plural, and possessive forms of nouns through fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice questions. Instant feedback is provided for each answer, making it an effective tool for beginners to intermediate learners.


Purdue Paraphrasing

The Purdue University website offers exercises in paraphrasing and summarizing for intermediate ESL learners. These activities aim to improve students' understanding of word usage, vocabulary, and sentence structure.


ESL Verb Tenses Game

Designed for intermediate to advanced ESL learners, this interactive game challenges students to match sentences with their corresponding verb tenses correctly. It covers a good range of tenses, enhancing their grammar and tense recognition skills.



Drawasaurus is an engaging online game where players sketch a word or phrase while others guess what it is, offering a creative method for ESL students to practice English. Hosting a private room for students encourages active participation and language use in a relaxed setting.


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Wrapping up, mastering English might seem daunting at first, but hopefully, this article sheds some light on some of the most useful activities, resources, and grammar games available. With these ESL essentials listed, all skill levels should be able to shine and make some real progress on their language learning journey.

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