The Most Successful Authors in Movie History Thumb

The Most Successful Authors in Movie History

ESL Resources Overview

English Made Fun: ESL Activities, Resources & Grammar Games

Undocumented and DACA Student Thumb

Getting an Education as an Undocumented or DACA Student

Unmasking Microaggressions Educational Guide Overview

Unmasking Microaggressions

Most Translated Artist and Song Overview

The Most Translated Artist and Song from Every Country

Subtitles Readability Study Thumb

The Most Difficult TV Shows to Understand

Mispronounced Names Around the World Overview

The Most Mispronounced Names from Around the World

Wordle Search Interest Overview

Study: Everyone is cheating on Wordle, according to Google search data.

Women in STEM and Gaming Thumb

Navigating the Challenges of Women in STEM & Gaming

The Most Spoken Languages in American Neighborhoods Thumb

The Most Spoken Languages in American Neighborhoods (Besides English and Spanish)

Beloved Books Thumb

Every Country’s Highest-Rated Book by a Local Author

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13 Sites and Apps To Feed Your Online Scrabble Addiction

Girl playing music games

14 Music Word Games For Kids

Inclusive language

Inclusive Language For Disability: How & Why?


Common Grammar Mistakes & Tools For Bloggers

Spelling Resources For Beginner Learners

Healthy Hobbies for Retirees

The Best Healthy Hobbies for Retirees

parents reading to a child

The Importance of Reading to Your Children

learn language arts

Grammar and Word Games for Language Arts at Home

Languages Ranked By The Size Of Their Alphabets

Yoga Words

Yoga Words And Their Origins

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The Oldest Languages In The World That Are Still Spoken Today

writing pen

Creative Writing Elements: Structuring a Story by Word Unscrambler

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14 Ways To Reduce Anxiety In Children

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Space: The Best Games & Resources

Fun Activities for people with dementia

16 Fun and Rewarding Activities For Those With Dementia

Racist Words

10 Words and Terms You Never Knew Had Racist Origins

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18 Remote Learning Resources For All Ages

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21 Educational And Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Why is Wordle viral

Why Has Wordle Gone So Viral?


A Newbies Guide to LGBTQ+ Slang

Family bonding

Pandemic Family Traditions: What to Change and What to Keep [Survey]

Print Vs Digital - The Future Of Dictionaries

11 Fun And Easy Activities For Seniors With Limited Mobility

AI Historical Conversations That Never Happened

A Guide to Codes and Cipher Terminology

Nature Vocabulary

Word Games and More to Build Nature, Weather and Climate Vocabulary

35 Words With No English Equivalents

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Language Difficulty for English Speakers

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A Parent's Guide To: Fun Video Games For The Whole Family

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9 Books That Are Perfect For 7th and 8th Graders