14 Music Word Games For Kids
Give Your Young Ones Rhythm!

Girl playing music games

If you’re tired of your young ones wasting hours on Minecraft or slither.io, rather than fight our society’s obsession with video games and try to get your kids to go out and play in the cold, give them some games that’ll at least be fun and educational. 

The best news? Rather than just waste all day playing “Guitar Hero” (which won’t even teach them to play guitar), your kids can combine a love of music with word games, and practice spelling and typing too. Here are fourteen of our top picks to get your kids into the groove – and into musical words.

kid playing wordle

It’s not actually a word game, but this one is worth a mention.

This game is like “Name that tune”, where you’re given a bit more of the song after every wrong guess. You have six guesses (as in the word-based version) to guess the song.

Possible answers will appear as you type.

This is essentially identical to the original Wordle, but it uses music-themed words.

Here’s with a theme of Taylor Swift.

And for the rockers (Weezer-themed).

While it doesn’t come with a fun name like the others, at least you don’t have to write the answers in Korean!

(Though if you DO want to play Wordle in Korean, that exists too.)

Yea, there’s a version of “Heardle” just for BTS songs!

Clearly, some fans of this boy band had too much time on their hands.

kid playing guitar and writing lyrics

While not an amazingly high-tech site, this one has various “finish the lyrics” games for your kids to play with friends.

iOS only

This app comes with a ton of questions for the devoted lyricist. Not free, unfortunately.

A ton of music quizzes for the devoted fan, from song lyrics to well beyond. The graphics look like something out of the 90s but the content is good.

Maybe your kid hates tests at school, but they’re sure to enjoy some of these.

Music Tech Teacher

This site (with loads of games) was designed by a music teacher in Birmingham.

Despite its unexciting name and the uninspiring graphics, it has a lot of games that are decently-made, and run the gamut from “Identify the Instrument” to “Stevie Wonder.” It’s worth a browse, and your kids may find something fun on here.


You’re given a (music-related) picture and have to spell the word.

You control a rocket ship that gets battered by letter-containing asteroids. The goal is to get hit by the correct letters to spell out the word.

It gives clues and is designed for younger kids, but it’ll teach them to write!

Music notes games

This one teaches the notes of musical notation by spelling out words with them.

This is the same idea using the bass clef.

This one is identical to Treble Clef Word Warrior but uses the bass clef.

This uses the piano keyboard to spell out words, teaching kids the notes on the piano keyboard.


As you can see, there are countless opportunities to make word games fun for kids who like music. Even for those kids who like playing “Guitar Hero” but hate word games with a passion… all you have to do is not tell them that it’s also a word game!

Use this list to help kids branch out from the love of music into the love of language. Even if they don’t know Wordle words like “purée,” they are sure to enjoy guessing the lyrics of their favorite rock stars!

Mirela Iancu is a Growth Marketer specializing in SEO, Content Strategy, and Product Marketing. A user-centered thinker, she loves numbers and data as much as words. A winning combo for SEO and word games marketing. She is also passionate about language education and the impact of tech on learning accessibility. Currently located in Barcelona, she previously founded a platform for learning Romanian online.