A Parent's Guide To: Fun Video Games For The Whole Family

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Since the advent of home video gaming, parents have had a wary relationship with how much time their kids have been spending on their consoles, as well as wondering what they're playing! Over the years, there have been many needless moral panics around certain releases, coupled with genuine concern over video game addiction. The past decade has, however, seen a change in perception. Many academic studies have unlocked the positive benefits of playing video games at any age. Additionally, many original gamers are now parents or even grandparents themselves, a love of gaming becoming a generational affair.

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing people of all ages to minimize socializing and spend more time indoors, not only Words With Friends but video games also have become something of a lifeline for many. A study of the most popular hobbies during the outbreak found that interest in co-operative gameplay went up by 100%. Luckily the days of Pong are long gone, and we can now connect to our friends and family from anywhere on the globe and game together. Gaming with your children is a fantastic opportunity to bond with one another and has a positive impact on their adolescent development - as well as keeping you both entertained. In fact, gaming is good for the whole family with senior players able to expect a host of benefits from improved emotional well-being to better cognitive function.
In these unprecedented times, video games can keep us mentally healthy and happy, so we've taken the time to collect a selection of titles we think the whole family will enjoy.

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