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Words Help You Make Friends

Created by brothers Paul and David Bettner, and owned by the Newtoy, Inc. company, Words with Friends was launched after the initial success of Chess with Friends. Emerging during the first wave of app gaming, it now stands as one of the most popular online board games in the world, played by millions of people every day. It remains a top-earning app, most fans agreeing its popularity is due to its more user-friendly design when compared to other word games - emphasizing multiplayer action right from the beginning.

Interestingly enough, the social nature of the popular word game has actually resulted in many romantic relationships (and a few marriages), so if you are looking for love, you may want to strike up conversations with the random opponents you find intriguing!

Let's not get too hung up on the word cheat when we have so many other letters and words to focus on during our downtime and playtime. At this point in word play, Words With Friends comes hand in hand with your freely accessible Words With Friends Cheat, if you don't utilize it, what if your ‘friend' aka your opponent does?

How To Play Words With Friends

Before we jump into how to use the Words With Friends Cheat, let us debrief you on how to play Words With Friends through the App game, or through Facebook. If you've already accepted their friend request through Facebook, then you better get ready to accept their WWF challenge and impress that guy or girl you met at last week's party with your cutting-edge vocabulary skills, right?

Follow these steps to ‘get the words flowing:'

  1. Download the app onto your mobile device, whether it's an Android or iOS device, you got this. If and when you grow absolutely addicted to the binge-worthy game, you can also download WWF onto your Kindle, or tablet. And don't you worry, it's absolutely free.
  2. You can play Words With Friends while you're online, with strangers or friends. But did you know you could also play WWF offline? Here comes the good stuff. To play offline, utilize the Solo Play game mode, which means you'll be competing with a robot, or download the board version of the popular game to play offline, no internet necessary. 
  3. Once you've downloaded and opened the app, you'll see the open board with all of its potentials, plus your given rack letters for the first round. The main idea here is to use the bunch of letter tiles, made up of vowels, consonants (and even blank tiles if you're lucky), to build your words and blow your opponents away. For example, let's say you begin with the tiles DOPLEGU, you can lay out the 6 letter word GULPED or LOUPED onto the board to earn your first round of knock-out points. 
  4. As soon as you've unscrambled the letters and are ready to apply your first word to the game, drop the tiles onto the board either vertically or horizontally.
  5. Once the game has begun you have to build words off of the letters given and that connect with one or more letters of the words already on the board with as many of your tiles as you can to build your eloquent words. So for example, if the word TARGET is already stretched horizontally across the board, and you have the letters GRETUIK, you can use the A already on the board and spell the word RUGATE vertically down the board. 
  6. Once you've played your first word, you have to wait for your opponent to play theirs until you can go again. 
  7. You will receive a notification as soon as your opponent has played their word, so make sure you don’t silence those push notifications! 
  8. When you play all your tiles in one round you earn heaps of points, 35 to be exact. So, if you have the letters SEACHLS, you can unscramble the letters and lay out the tiles CLASHES, to earn all those points! 
  9. The value of each tile can be found on the top corner of the letter tile, but when you play letters and words over the colored squares on the board you increase the value of the word or letter, cha-ching! Letters like J, Q and Z are worth 10 points, wow. Spelling out the word JAZZY for example, earns you 34 points with as little as five letters! 
  10. If you can’t make any words with your tiles you can skip a turn to exchange your tiles (but with WWF cheat, why would you sacrifice each and every precious turn?)
  11. Play till you win or until your opponent forfeits the game by passing too many times!
  12. Don’t forget to use the chat box to chat with your opponent! Anyone up for the social challenge?

Words With Friends Help: A Great Way to Boost Your Game

No shame in needing help every now and then, how does that Beatles song go again, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” In this case, you can get by with a little help from your Words With Friends Dictionary. Beginners and pros can all become stuck with what to do with a few difficult tiles, so we've created an intuitive search engine that acts as a Words with Friends word generator. Just type in which letters you wish to use and we'll find you the most useful result as well as many other suggestions. You may look at us as a Words with Friends cheat board - or more favorably your little Words with Friends helper. Boost your vocabulary, and increase your winning streak!

How to Unjumble Words

Are you asking yourself, "How to unjumble my word?"

Then you are the perfect candidate for using the Jumble solver! As we already said, using the Jumble solver is fast and easy. You have got scrambled words, and we have got the possible answers.

So, enter all the letters of your jumbled word into the search bar. They can be alphabets, vowels, consonants, syllables, or bonus tiles, just copy the letters same-to-same and use the question mark or space for up to three wild cards. Then just press the search button and the cheat app will give you the list of words made out of the jumbled letters. You can also use the advanced options to get a word having a certain pattern or length. 

You need to pick the correct word that matches the length of the jumbled word in your game.

Now let's give you an example. Let's take 7 word jumble solver examples. Let the letters be L, Z, P, Z, E, U, S. So the tool will give you words like

  • Puzzles (7 letters)
  • Puzzle (6 letters)
  • Pulse (5 letters)
  • Plus (4 letters)
  • Use (3 letters)
  • Up (2 letters)

So you have your words unjumbled in this way!

9 Tips and Tricks to Win WWF

"Where there's a will there's a way," and we are indeed equipped with strategic thinking and several ways to win your WWF match, whether you're playing offline against a robot or, online against the smartest kid in your class, we've got some golden tips for you to win your favorite board game with ease.

  1. Do whatever it takes to nail the bonus squares on the board layout. They are DW (Double Word), TW (Triple Word), DL (Double Letter), TL (Triple Letter). First, so your opponent doesn't cover them; secondly, for you to score the most points possible during the current game. Use the tiles with the highest points on the DL and TL bonus squares on the game board.
  2. On that note, try your best not to lay out words that will enable your opponent to cover the colored spaces on the board for higher word points.
  3. Always aim for laying out all of your tiles to earn that 35 point score. 
  4. Never pass on a turn when there are WWF cheats eager to solve your most challenging puzzles! 
  5. In order to best fulfill the above recommendations, utilize our word finder before playing your tiles to ensure your laying out the best words for each round. 
  6. Try a distribution of letters that lays out horizontal or vertical words that align with more than one tile on the game board to earn more points. 
  7. Add letters on to already existing words to earn more points from the preexisting word.
  8. The high scoring colored squares are always in the rows further away from the center of the board. So, when you're playing new words, try focusing your words on the center of the board so you don't make it easier for your opponent to stretch their combination of letters over the DW, TW bonus squares. 
  9. Utilize our word finder to frequently play your 6 or 7 letter words. This way you'll never need to skip a turn swapping tiles because you'll already be reloaded with a bunch of new letters!

Words With Friends 2 Cheat

Zynga Games released Words with Friends 2 because the first edition of Words with Friends was such a success, they knew it wouldn't be much of a risk to release a second version of the beloved game. This updated version offers more peaks and tweaks to maintain its fan base while luring in thousands more. This version comes with monthly updated themes, characters, and designs, so you never get bored of that challenging board.

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