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The stresses of daily life can make it difficult to focus. Sometimes, you need an activity that will absorb your attention and allow you to relax. Wordscapes is a mobile word game that combines puzzle fun with beautiful, calming images.

About Wordscapes

Wordscapes by PeopleFun is a word game that combines the word-searching fun of Boggle with a crossword puzzle. In the background, natural scenery provides a lovely backdrop for playing the game. The app is currently available for both Android and iOS devices.
In Wordscapes, players receive a group of scrambled letters beneath an answer grid. The goal is to find all the Wordscapes answers that fill in the grid. A successful job will take you to the next level.
One of the benefits of Wordscapes is that it is free to play. There are thousands of head-scratching puzzles to enjoy sponsored by the occasional ad. Serious players can pay a fee to remove advertising content.

How to Play Wordscapes

This game is easy to start but takes a great deal of time to master as the puzzles become more challenging. It all begins with spelling out the right words.

Form the Words

The introductory levels involve three letters. For example, one of the first puzzles gives the player the letters N, W and O. From there, you connect the letters with your finger to form words like NOW, OWN and WON. Each time you find a matching word, it appears in its space in the crossword grid above.

Fill in the Puzzle

Once words start appearing in the puzzle, you will gain a better guess at the next answer. Seeing the first or last letter in a word is a big help.
However, if you need more help, Wordscapes supplies hints that will unlock letters in the crossword grid. The lightbulb opens a random letter. The bullseye lets you choose the square to reveal. Finally, the powerful rocket hint opens five random letters on the board.

Earn Your Coins

As you start the game, you may wonder about the coins. It may seem like you are gathering a great hoard. However, when the words get longer and the game gets harder, you will be glad you saved your treasure. The coins are the currency that lets you buy more hints.
Players earn coins in several ways. A bonus word is an extra valid word that is not part of the crossword. Each bonus word you find gives you a coin at the end of the round. Some puzzles have challenge words that are disconnected from the main crossword. Each letter of a challenge word earns a coin. Players can also win coins by completing the Wordscapes daily puzzle.

Master the Next Level

Wordscapes breaks the game into puzzle packs and groups. Each group and pack is named for the type of background images you will enjoy while playing. Some of the group names include Mountain, Forest, Winter and Ocean. Within the Forest group, there are five packs: Pine, Dew, Flow, Fog and Life. The regular game has 6,000 levels. Beating the last level will unlock a series of master levels.

Increase Your Brilliance

Another way to measure your progress is through your Brilliance score. Although this feature is not essential to the game, it gives you a way to compare yourself with other players. If you look through the statistics, you will find long-time players with a Brilliance score in the hundreds of thousands.

The Daily Puzzle

The Wordscapes daily puzzle is a more difficult challenge with seven or eight letters. You can earn extra coins by solving the words in the correct order as marked by a small butterfly on the crossword grid.

Wordfinderx Wordscapes Cheat

When you are struggling to finish the daily puzzle, our Word Finder tool can be a big help. Although it was designed to assist Scrabble players trying to make words from tiles, it will function well as a Wordscapes cheat.
When you enter the letters from your puzzle into the search area, the tool will return a list with all of the possible words from longest to shortest. Our word list is not related to the crossword portion of your Wordscapes puzzle, so you will probably see some bonus words along with your answers. If you want to look for a specific answer, you can limit the search with filters like word length and starting letter.

Wordscapes Tips and Tricks

While our tool can be helpful when you are stuck, the real fun of word puzzles is figuring things out on your own. A few Worsdscapes tips can help you along the way.

Take Your Time

There is no time limit for Wordscapes puzzles. If you are stuck for a word, sometimes the best strategy is to set the game aside so your mind can recharge. You may discover that when you return, you will see your missing word right away.

Shuffle the Letters

You can get stuck staring at the letters in the same order. Often, you end up making the same connections repeatedly. Shuffling the letters can help you look at them from a new perspective. Shuffling does not cost any coins like other hints.

Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit

Some people like to puzzle out the longest word before they do anything else. However, it is often best to solve easier words that you can see right away. When you first start the puzzle, you may not even need to use the crossword portion. The easy words you fill in at this point will provide clues for more difficult words down the line.

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