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People who are passionate about word games know the importance of recognizing words by word length. This skill begins with memorizing the 107 two-letter words officially recognized for Scrabble play. The word lists for Scrabble and Words with Friends differ, but most of these short words apply to both games.
From there, players will get familiar with a variety of three and four-letter words. At this length, you are still in the realm of fairly low-scoring turns and easy moves. However, these short words may be just what you need to stay competitive.
By removing inconvenient tiles with words like ZAX and XI, you can pull new tiles that will give you a better chance of scoring a bingo. In both Words with Friends and Scrabble, you earn this bonus for using all seven tiles in your rack in a single turn. It takes the right mix of racked letters and word knowledge to receive these extra points that will push your score far ahead.

About Our Words Length List

Learning to choose words by word length is part of becoming a master word game player. There is more to Scrabble than unscrambling words. To master the game, you must master the board. Any move that lets you put an X on a triple-letter space is going to be the right choice.
Our list gathers all the words of the same length. From there, many word lists would use the dictionary strategy of putting words in alphabetical order. However, we know that you have different priorities. We list our words based on their Scrabble and Words with Friends point values. Words with the same point values are then listed in alphabetical order. Our goal is to provide a list that helps players move tiles like X, Z and Q that are difficult to place but worth more points.

Forming Words by Length

Our Word Finder is another tool you can use to determine your next move. If you enter all the letters on your rack along with letters you might incorporate, you will receive a list of all the possible word combinations. Using the Length filter, you will refine your search and receive only words of the right length. The results will show the answers from the highest score to the lowest. This tool can also act as a jumble solver for games like Wordscapes.

Practical Applications of the Words Length List

Our word list has applications beyond word games. Such lists help expand your vocabulary and show you the possibilities of the English language.

Primary Education

Small children absorb knowledge quickly. Using our word list will expose them to different sounds and ideas. If they are curious about a word, they can research its definition and create sentences that use it.

Adult Education

Advanced students of the English language often want to move beyond basic conversations. Word games and lists in the classroom will expand their vocabulary.


Your new account asks for an eight-letter password. Our word list gives your hundreds of memorable possibilities. Cybercriminals will not expect odd words like BUZZWIGS, JIUJITSU or GAZUMPED.