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8-Letter Words

This DOCUMENT will get STRAIGHT to the point. Eight letter words are POWERFUL tools in games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. In both of these word games, players work with a rack of seven letters. However, players build on the letters that are already on the board. This style of GAMEPLAY means that a word with eight letters can lead to the rack-clearing, high-scoring bingo bonus. EMPTYING all the letters from your rack is worth an extra 50 points in Scrabble and 35 in Words with Friends. It would be CRIMINAL to miss out on this prize.

8 letter words

The WordFinderX Guide to 8-Letter Words

Eight-letter words are also featured in solo puzzle games like Wordscapes, Word Cookies and 4 Pics 1 Word. To solve longer jumble puzzles, it can be helpful to look for common prefixes and suffixes. The challenging eight-letter answer may just be a 5-letter verb with an -ING. Other words expand to eight letters when they take their plural forms or alternate verb forms. Finish becomes FINISHES, and catalog turns into CATALOGS.

The Most Common 8 Letter Words

Words with eight letters show up frequently in the English language. Longer words are often nouns or verbs. However, at eight letters, there are some common adverbs in the mix.

Eight-Letter Nouns

Frequent subjects and objects include CHILDREN, SENTENCE, and INTEREST.

Eight-Letter Verbs

REMEMBER to keep CHECKING for the right answers.

Eight-Letter Adverbs

The -LY ending of many adverbs SUDDENLY expands some words to eight letters. ACTUALLY, it is more common than you think and will PROBABLY surprise you.

Commonly Asked Questions

How many eight-letter words are there?

The official TWL lists more than 80,000 eight letter words that are playable in Scrabble. You may recognize some of the most familiar answers, but more obscure words can be a challenge. Our 8 letter Word Finder tool will help you discover unexpected solutions. For Scrabble and Words with Friends, enter your rack letters into the search area. For an eight-letter word, you need at least one letter on the board. You can enter a specific letter or use a question mark to see more options. The Length filter allows you to limit the search to words with only eight letters.
You can also find jumble puzzle answers with our 8 letter Word Finder. When you enter the letters in the Wordscapes or Word Cookies puzzle, our tool will reveal the eight-letter solution.

What are some words with eight letters that start with C?

Even CHILDREN will not COMPLAIN about the number of eight-letter words that begin with C. They will CONTINUE the game until it is COMPLETE, and someone has been declared the CHAMPION.

What are some words with 8 letter words starting with V?

There are fewer words with eight letters that start with V. Whether your Scrabble word is VERTICAL or horizontal, these answers are still VALUABLE. There is no need for VIOLENCE if someone VIOLATES the rules. Just take a few deep breaths as a brief VACATION.

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