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9-Letter Words

Longer words open up the possibility of bonuses. A word with nine letters on a double or triple word space will earn a player a serious ADVANTAGE. These words also increase the chances of players clearing their racks and receiving a 50-point bingo.

9 letter words

The WordFinderX Guide to 9-Letter Words

Welcome to the SWIZZLING, TWIZZLING, BEDAZZLED world of 9 letter words. Words with nine letters are the plays of Scrabble and Words with Friends CHAMPIONS. The CHALLENGE of a word of this length is that the player must use at least two tiles already on the board. It requires an EXPANSIVE vocabulary and an INVENTIVE mind to put together high-scoring 9-letter answers.

Nine-letter words also play a role in jumble word games like Wordscapes and Word Cookies. Because of their length, our 9 letter word solver may be a helpful tool when you are trying to solve the daily puzzle.

The Most Common 9 Letter Words

Many words with nine letters are sentence subjects and objects. They can be compound words like AFTERNOON and BOYFRIEND. Others are variations of shorter words. The thing you discover is your DISCOVERY. A group that communes is a COMMUNITY.
Other nine-letter words are common because they can apply to many DIFFERENT topics. ACCORDING to experts, it is IMPORTANT and NECESSARY to drink plenty of water, THEREFORE you should fill your glass.

Commonly Asked Questions

How many nine-letter words are there?

In Scrabble and Words with Friends, you can employ many variations of shorter words. Plural forms will expand seven and eight-letter words to nine. Adding the RE- prefix or the –ING suffix will also increase the count. Because the English language is always evolving, it is difficult to put an exact number to the words currently in use. The OCTWL includes about 40,700 9 letter words that are valid in Scrabble.

What are the highest-scoring nine-letter words in Scrabble?

The highest-scoring words in Scrabble are those that include valuable letters like Z, X, J and Q. QUIZZICAL has a whopping 41-point value. JAZZINESS will earn a player 37 points. EXOENZYME and MAXIMIZED are worth 30 points each. OXYGENIZE, MEZQUITES and JUKEBOXES are not far behind with 29-point values. With words of this length, you will probably also benefit from bonus letter and word score spaces.

What are the highest-scoring nine-letter words in Words with Friends?

Many of the highest-scoring words in Words with Friends are the same as those in Scrabble. It is a matter of the collective letter values. If you are struggling with your next move, our Word Finder tool can be your 9 letter word solver.
To use our tool, start by entering the available letters on your rack. Then, look to the board and see where you have space to create a word. You can incorporate existing letters using the Contains filter. If you are looking for a word with exactly nine letters, the Length filter will come in handy. You will receive a list of nine letter words starting with the highest-scoring solution.

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