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Knowing words that start with certain letters can be a big advantage in Scrabble and Words with Friends. It will be easier for you to recognize possible plays in your rack and on the board. If the first letter of your next move is already on the board, your word has a better chance of reaching a valuable bonus space. Recognizing words that begin with some of the more difficult letters will give you greater flexibility as a player.
An expanded vocabulary can also help with jumble games like Wordscapes and Word Cookies. You will make fewer random guesses, an important time-saver when you are in challenge mode. If you are stumped on a word, our Word Finder tool can serve as a word unscrambler. Use the “Starts With” filter to limit your search.

Words that Start with X

When people think of words with an X, they often consider words with the EX- prefix that means “out of.” However, some impressive words begin with X alone. XENO- is a prefix related to the ancient Greek word for a stranger. Most people are familiar with the fear of strangers known as XENOPHOBIA. However, most people do not know about the search for parasites known as XENODIAGNOSIS. If you are looking for shorter X words, both Scrabble and Words with Friends accept the Greek letter XI as a valid play.

Words Starting with Z

Z is a letter that can stump even the best Scrabble players. There are some wonderful three-letter Z words. ZIP, ZAP, ZIG and ZAG all have a vibrant, active feel. After a time of zipping and zagging, you may need to calm down and be more ZEN.

Words that Start with Q

Q words are normally associated with the QU- combination. You cannot go wrong with words related to the number four like QUADRUPLET, QUADRUPLEX, and QUADRICEPS. Add one more, and you have words related to the number five like QUINQUENNIAL, QUINTUPLETS and QUINCUNX.
Of course, you will be lucky if you receive the tiles for such high-scoring words. You may have to stick with the two-letter word from Chinese philosophy, QI. A few three-letter words can also come in handy. QUA and QAT are both acceptable in your favorite word games.

A Words

The ayes have it! Words starting with A come in many lengths. If you are looking for longer words, you can increase the length of some common nouns by adding prefixes like AFTER- and ANTI-. Other players will marvel as you deftly turn matter into antimatter and an exciting climax into a drab anticlimax. Afterward, you can really turn on the afterburners and play words like afternoon, aftershave and afterthought.

Words Starting with E

E words are another category where prefix knowledge comes in handy. EX-, EXTRA- and EN- will all enhance your words with extraordinary value. The EU- prefix is from the ancient Greek word meaning good. To eulogize someone is to speak well of them. Euphoria is another name for ecstatic joy. If you need to keep things simple, el, em and en are all valid two-letter E words. Not bad, eh?