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It is time to get in the kitchen and bake up some word puzzle fun. Word Cookies by BitMango is one cup of jumble mixed with a dash of word search. Daily puzzles and league play add flavor to the fun.

About Word Cookies

Word Cookies is a baking-themed word puzzle available for both iOS and Android devices. Windows users can also play an online version on their PCs. The game tests your vocabulary and baking skills as you form words from a collection of scrambled letters.
As you play, you will earn coins to pay for hints in challenging puzzles. Each puzzle has a set number of answers, but careful players will find unlisted words that make their way into Jack the Dog’s special cookie jar. When you discover enough extra words, you will collect bonus coins.
BitMango divides the game into puzzle packs that have ingredient names like Butter, Oatmeal and Milk. The packs are grouped by difficulty in chef levels. You start the game as a Home Baker, but you will soon progress to Pastry Chef and Executive Chef. There are more than 2,000 levels, and BitMango regularly adds more.

Word Cookies Answers

The game starts with puzzles of four and five letters. You might recognize the five-letter word as you start. In a cookie-themed game, a word like FLOUR tends to stick out. Your next job is to find all the three and four-letter words that can be made from those letters: FUR, FOR, FOUR, FOUL, OUR.
As the game progresses, you will work with longer words and larger puzzles. It will not be long before you are scratching your head searching for what should be a simple three-letter word. This moment is the right time to sprinkle in a few hints. For 25 coins, the spatula will show you what letter begins a missing word. Other hints will show you even more letters or let you choose the letter to unveil.
For a real chocolate chip challenge, you can start your day with the daily puzzle. This riddle involves a longer word of seven or eight letters. There is no need to rush through this challenge as you have the whole day to work things out. Find a batch of words and take a rest to wait for inspiration.

Three Tips and Tricks to Master the Daily Puzzle

Playing this game is mostly about puzzling through word combinations, but some strategies will help you work your way through BitMango’s extensive levels.

1. Alphabetical Elimination

In the game interface, the upper portion has a list for your Word Cookies answers. When you find a correct answer, it will appear on the list. The game organizes this list by word length in alphabetical order. As you find more correct words, you can eliminate some possible combinations based on the alphabet. For example, if the long word is HOTEL, and the first three-letter word is HOT, you do not have to worry about three-letter words that start with E.

2. No Harm in Guessing

The game does not penalize you for taking guesses, so there is nothing wrong with trying some odd combinations. You might discover some of the delicious bonus snacks that make their way into Jack’s cookie jar.

3. Shuffle the Letters

Shuffling the letters does not cost any coins. This operation can change your frame of mind when you get stuck on a word. Seeing the letters in a different combination will help you make new connections.

Using the Word Finder Tool

In a busy kitchen, everybody needs an assistant chef. When you are stuck on a puzzle, our Word Finder tool will come to your rescue. We made this resource to help players find the Word Cookies answers in a mixing bowl full of jumbled letters.
If you need a Word Cookies cheat, go to our website and enter the letters in the current puzzle. When you hit search, you will receive a list of all the valid letter combinations from the most popular word games lists. This list may be all you need to find that last answer to solve the puzzle.
However, if you want to refine your search a bit more, you can enter what you think the first letter might be in the Starts With filter. You can also narrow your search by word length. However you search, you will probably find the words you need and some bonus answers for Jack’s jar.

Game FAQs

Why do they use cookies?

Ever since websites started installing small information packets on computers, there has been a connection between cookies and technology. Some language studies also involve baked goods. There is a long tradition of children enjoying letter-shaped cookies when they first start studying Hebrew.

What is League play?

While the main game is a single-player challenge, BitMango recognizes the joy of competition. In the latest update, the company included a multiplayer mode. When you pass the Banana Pack, you can take part in League play. In this mode, opponents receive the same jumbled letters and try to find words for the highest possible score in ninety seconds.

What are some other word games by BitMango?

WordCookies Cross: This sequel in the Cookies franchise combines the jumble format with a crossword puzzle. As you fill in answers on the grid, you have more clues about letter placement. The Pattern filter of our Word Finder tool can be a big help here.
Words Crush: This hidden word game is a cross between a word search and a sliding puzzle. You manipulate the upper puzzle pieces to expose words hidden below. Finding all the words will let you advance to the next level.

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