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10-Letter Words

At Word Finder X, we make it easy to create words out of your scrambled letters for your favorite word games. Make the most out of your playing time by using a word finder! Pack a punch with strong 10 letter words. From Scrabble to Words With Friends, and other games, you are sure to find the word for you with this fantastic word finder.

10 letter words

The WordFinderX Guide to 10-Letter Words

Here, you can discover letter combinations that may up your score in Scrabble, wow your comrades in Words With Friends, and puzzle your pals in an extreme game of Hangman. You can make words of up to 15 characters in length! Wordfinderx's ability to solve ten-letter words is sure to keep you coming back for more. Whether you are trying to learn more advanced terms in the OCTWL or simply wanting to broaden your vocabulary and up your score, you are sure to find the words you desire.

The Most Common Ten-Letter Words

While coming up with words of such length may seem daunting, there are many ordinary ones to be named:

  • Strawberry
  • Friendship
  • Everything
  • Appreciate
  • Motivation

The former five words are just a few of the most common in the ten-letter words bracket and are ordinary in day-to-day use. The list goes on for longer than one might think!

Commonly Asked Questions

So, how many 10 letter words are there?

Generally speaking, there are around 35,000 ten letter words. In games such as Scrabble, however, the standards are a bit different. The TWL list of accepted words is much shorter than those listed in the dictionary.

What are the highest-scoring 10-letter words in Scrabble?

A few of the most notable include RAZZMATAZZ, a fancier word for razzle-dazzle, DIZZYINGLY, and MAXIMIZING, with some of those being more common than others. The highest-scoring word to be played was CAZIQUES in 1982.

What are the highest-scoring 10 letter words in WWF?

In Words with Friends, the list is a bit different as WWF embraces a wider lexicon. With RAZZMATAZZ still being the highest scoring 10-letter word, two words containing JAZZ follow. They are VAJAZZLING and JAZZERCISE.

Don't miss out on this word finder's ability to offer as many options as possible, so you make the most out of what you receive. Check your letters against the word finder to achieve the best possible outcome. Not only will you expand your knowledge and vocabulary by using a platform such as Wordfinderx, but you will be the most victorious player in your game. Don't wait for the words to come to you! Seek them out and become the most informed player you can be.

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