13 Sites and Apps To Feed Your Online Scrabble Addiction

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While word games like Scrabble may have been around for decades - or over a century in some cases - they've made a confident leap into the digital realm in more recent years. To some audiences, they might not seem that interesting or flashy, but their simple appeal and sense of challenge remain undiminished. It's a good thing too, dragging a Scrabble board around everywhere would be quite an inconvenience.

The history of word games is a long and fascinating one that continues to evolve to this day. Social media and the internet at large have given us the ability to play against strangers and friends no matter where they are in the world. What this has also done is provide a tonne of choice when it comes to what brain-twisting word games we chose to play.

While the most well-known games are classics for a reason, it's always fun to try something new, so with that in mind, we've collected a list of 13 resources where you can feed your Scrabble fix, get word help and try new games. Let's get stacking those tiles!

For almost ninety years, architect Alfred Mosher Butts' wonderful invention has been entertaining families across the globe. When you think of word games, you think of Scrabble word finder, and nowadays, you can enjoy a game in the palm of your hand. Scrabble Go is an app available for both Android and iPhone for free and and comes packed with new fun features and playing styles to enjoy.

If you're looking for a challenge (without screaming out of frustration), then TypeShift is a great game to give a try. Players must spell out words by sliding letters into columns up and down. When a player makes a successful word, the letters will turn green. Turn everything green, and you're good to go. Available on desktop, iOS, and Android.

When it comes to crosswords, none come more respected than The New York Times' offering. For a small subscription fee, you can have access to the publication's internationally acclaimed crossword, but free of charge over on their site, you can also enjoy spelling bees, sudoku, and their mini crosswords. When it comes to word game quality, you can't get higher than NYT.

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Now for something familiar with a wholly unique and fun twist - the Alphabear series. A scrabble-like word game at heart; the games have been giving 1000% more cuteness thanks to the inclusion of adorable bear characters, robots, and even stories involving time travel. Seattle's Spry Fox studios have taken what we all know and love about word games and infused it with indie-video game charm. Available for Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS.

Getting stuck when in the middle of a game is hardly rare; in fact, it's part of the appeal, trying to bend your vocabulary to its limits for those much-wanted points. Lucky Wordfinderx is your go-to for help when you need to sharpen your game as well as hosting a wide selection of puzzle games to enjoy.

Words with Friends is perhaps the world's most popular online word game. Its style is very derivative of Scrabble, so for a first-time user, it's super easy to get into. Players take turns building words in a crossword-puzzle style, with bonus tiles spread throughout the board. One of the best parts about Words with Friends is the ability to play multiple games at the same time, and take large breaks between turns, making the game very accessible for those with a busy schedule.

The Internet Scrabble Club is exactly what it sounds like. For those who are savvy with the rules of scrabble and want to jump straight into a game, this is the site for you. The site requires you to login in, and that's it; within seconds, you are playing with one of the thousands of other Scrabble fans around the world!

Here's another Scrabble clone that might just scratch your itch when you are on the go. Lexulous is enjoyed by over 6 million people worldwide, and is set up and played just like your typical crossword game, so the learning curve is low for veteran word gamers. Sign up with Google or Facebook and get started on your Lexulous adventure, and meet Scrabble lovers all over the globe.

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Often the downside of Scrabble games online is that you need an opponent, a physical person battling you from somewhere else in the world. Funky Potato Scrabble eliminates that problem with smart AI competition. Connect to the site and start playing instantly! No signup, no commitments, just Scrabble!

Quadplex is a simple Crossword game that Scrabble users will have no problem adapting to. The best part? The game does not require any login! No Google or Facebook signup; simply click play, and you'll be in a game in moments. If you like the game and want to support its creators, then creating an account is possible, with a few added benefits such as; no ads, settings customization, and participation in chat features.

Just Words by Masque games is another Scrabble-style game that might meet your word game needs. Just Words has a unique and extremely user-friendly layout that, for new players to the game, clearly marks out the game board, settings, and profile management. Follow the link to their site and get gaming with people around the world, or train up, and face their AI computer opponent.

If you want to sharpen your Scrabble skills for all the new apps and word games we've given you in this article, then Scrabble Sprint may be the app for you. To play Scrabble Sprint, you must type or click on a word with two or more letters. Each letter you make, you will earn points, and you will score points to get on online leaderboards. Try it yourself and become a better player!

Fun and fast-paced; great for Boggle, Scrabble and Words with Friends; Aerolith is a great practice app to learn new words and become a better word game player. Aerolith's main program, Wordwalls, is a simple game that presents a bunch of scrambled words that you must solve in the quickest time possible. They have a few different exercises, so check them out!

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