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People around the world love to play word games. While some enjoy the puzzle-solving skills of anagrams, others prefer the excitement of competitive word games like Scrabble. Wordfeud is a turn-based word game with a global audience.

An Introduction to the Wordfeud Game

The game was created by Haakon Bertheussen in 2010. He wanted to improve on the Scrabble game model. Like Words with Friends and other digital board games, his new app gave players the challenge of earning points by building words from a collection of random letters.
Bertheussen’s game gained traction in several European countries where English is a common second language. The designer decided to broaden his audience by developing versions in other languages using word list resources like OpenTaal and TaalTik. This variety allows people to play locally in their first language or against global opponents in English.
The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Windows users can also play an online version on their PCs. One of the advantages of this word game is that a player can take part in up to 30 matches at the same time.

How to Play Wordfeud

The basic gameplay is similar to Scrabble. Players see a 15 by 15 square game board and a random set of 7 tiles. There are 104 tiles available in each match. Blank tiles are not worth any points, but they can stand for any letter of the alphabet.

  1. Choose Your Opponent

    This game has fans around the world. In the match setup, you can choose to challenge a friend or family member. Also, players can opt for a random challenger.
  2. Choose Your Board

    The game board has the standard DL, TL, DW and TW bonus spaces like a Scrabble board. To make life more interesting, you can choose a random assignment for these valuable spaces. Mixing things up will force players to adopt new strategies.
  3. Make the First Move

    The player who set up the match takes the first turn. Like other word games, the first word must include the star in the center of the board.
  4. Use a Wordfeud Cheat

    Subsequent moves must build on existing words. Players have up to 72 hours between moves, so there is plenty of time to enlist help if you need it. If they are stuck, players are allowed to pass their turn up to three times before forfeiting. A Wordfeud cheat resource will help you determine what words you can build with your current collection of tiles.
  5. Build Strategically

    Players receive points based on the value of the letters in their words. They can earn additional points by utilizing the word and letter bonus squares. Using all seven tiles in your collection gives you an impressive 40-point bonus.
  6. Win the Game and Check Your Stats

    The highest score determines the winner. After your latest victory, you can view your statistics in your user account. This tool helps you understand your skill level and find new opponents who will challenge your abilities.

Using Wordfinderx for Wordfeud Help

High-level Scrabble players have memorized a comprehensive list of allowed words. Most regular game players have neither the time nor the ability to accomplish such a feat. For the rest of us, our Word Finder tool can help you look for the best possible moves.
Because you have three days to make a move, there is plenty of time to do some research. The Word Finder tool is a simple way to perform word searches in English. For your first move, you can simply enter the letters in your collection. If you have a blank tile, enter a question mark or a space. The tool will generate a list of all the possible words you can make with those letters.
As the game continues, your searches must become more specific. You can filter the search by using the “Starts with,” “Ends with,” “Contains” and “Pattern” features. With these tools, you can incorporate letters of the words already on the board.

Wordfeud Winning Tips & Tricks

In addition to a Wordfeud help tool, you can use other strategies to improve your game.

  1. Work with Bonuses

    Remember that the winner is the player with the most points. Taking advantage of bonus spaces will change your game. In a randomized board, it is especially important to pay attention to the new bonus positions.
  2. Take Your Time

    Players must respond within 72 hours of the last move. This amount of time gives you ample room to come up with a smart move. Find a quiet time to analyze the board and look for creative solutions.
  3. Play the Board

    Our Word Finder tool gives you a list of valid letter combinations and their lengths. Keep in mind that word placement matters. The longest word may not give you the most points when you take bonus spaces into account. You also want to avoid giving your opponent easy access to a triple word or letter space.

Game FAQ

  1. Who plays this game?

    The app is popular in the United States, Australia and several European countries. It has a strong following in the Netherlands and Sweden. The growing popularity has led to the development of word lists in languages including German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian.
  2. How is it different from Scrabble?

    The gameplay is similar to Scrabble but there are few differences. Scrabble has a total of 100 word tiles while this game begins with 104. The two games have different bonus space setups. The Scrabble board has a crisscross pattern, and Wordfeud has more open space around the central star.
  3. Why is the chat important?

    The chat is one of the popular features of this app, allowing greater communication between players. Gamers can enjoy a social connection and some fun trash talk while they play.

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