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Scrabble, Words with Friends, and other crossword games have a similar format. Players receive a collection of letters to form words on the board. You want to make high-scoring words for yourself while preventing your opponent from doing the same. To accomplish this, you must get beyond simple 3 and 4-letter words that include R, S, T, A, and E. For truly competitive play, you need a word list that can help you with 6 and 7-letter words that include odd letters like X, Q, and Z. For your gaming benefit, we offer our comprehensive list of words that contain each letter of the alphabet.

How can I make words with these letters?

This question echoes through the mind of every frustrated Scrabble player. You are looking at a rack with what seems like an impossible mix of letters. In a regulation Scrabble game, you might have to skip a turn or make a less than ideal play to replace some tiles. For online Scrabble or Words with Friends, you have another option. Our Word Finder tool can help you find an obscure word to surprise your opponent.
The basic function of our Scrabble and Words with Friends cheat is simple. Enter the letters on your rack, and you will receive a complete list of words with these letters. You can also use the tool more strategically. The filters allow you to narrow your search so that you include letters already on the board. By limiting your search by the starting letter and word length, you will have a better chance to make words with these letters on a bonus space.

How many words can I make with these letters?

Once you do your first search, you may be overwhelmed by the number of words with these letters. Often, inexperienced players think in terms of short words. These moves are easy to make, but they do not do much for your score. Our list will help you broaden your horizons and start thinking about 6-letter and 7-letter words. You will expand your vocabulary so that you are ready to face more challenging players.
Our word list can also serve as a jumble solver for games like Wordscapes and Word Cookies. In these games, players often find themselves stymied as they try to form words from a series of letters. Our expansive word list will help you find the final answer to the puzzle.

How can you find high-scoring words with these letters?

Our Word Finder tool will help you find the words with letters that you need. For Scrabble and Words with Friends, it will also give you tools to increase your score. When you receive your list of words, the tool displays them in groups based on the length of the word. However, within each collection of words by length, answers are arranged from left to right starting with the highest score. This arrangement will help you select an answer that will give you the most points. If you can get that word on a double or triple-word score space, the sky is the limit.