Study: Everyone is cheating on Wordle, according to Google search data.

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Since The New York Times bought Wordle at the end of January of 2022, cheating has been at an all-time high among Wordle users. Last December, search interest for the question “today’s wordle” on Google was so low it registered a “0” for search popularity, but by February 14, searches for Wordle answers reached peak popularity (registering 100 on Google’s scale from 0–100). Here are some of our findings from a Google Trends exploration of Wordle.

Key findings

  • SWILL and AROMA were the words players cheated for most. Both registered 100s on Google’s search popularity scale (0–100). In comparison, on January 4, SIEGE registered a 1 on the scale. 
  • Wordle cheaters were usually looking up the answers between 7 and 8 a.m.
  • The biggest cheaters on Wordle were from New Hampshire.

Cheating has only gotten worse on Wordle

Search Interest in Wordle Google Trends

Biggest cheaters and the Wordle answers they cheated for:

  1. New Hampshire: Swill
  2. Rhode Island (tied): Caulk
  3. Vermont (tied): Tacit
  4. Washington, D.C.: Tacit
  5. Massachusetts: Dodge
  6. Maine: Dodge and Tacit

Methodology and Limitations

We analyzed Google Trends data over the past three months to see how often Wordle players cheated by looking up answers online.